Dear TitansFAM, 


On the eve of Uttarayan, as the last golden rays glinted off Sabarmati’s waters, we were lucky enough to witness a sight that made our hearts soar higher than the GT kite. It was a blue sea of our Titans FAM waving their GT flags and kites, roaring Aava De with pride and joy.   

TitansFAM, You made our first Uttarayan magical.

From Amdavad to Baroda and Surat to Rajkot, we’ve been welcomed everywhere with that innately special Gujarati spirit and bonhomie. It gives us pride to belong to you, just as it has given us immeasurable joy to meet you over this last week. (raise your hand if you spotted our canter in your neighbourhood). 

It’s easy to give in to your infectious energy and we’ve loved every minute, be it flying kites, eating jalebi-fafda, or dancing to the beats of Chogada. 

After the isolation of the bio bubble last year, we are so grateful: Urban Chowk (Rajpath and Chandkheda) left us stuffed but wanting more, and your vigour to participate in every event at Ahmedabad-One Mall kept us going till the last hour. But the real glory was being able to attend the International Kite Festival with you! 

In fact, when we heard about the theme of the festival this year - “One Earth, One Family, One Future”, we, at Gujarat Titans, instantly dubbed it as One Team, One Titans’ Family! 


It’s your cheers that kept us moving forward, your presence that made our day, your love and constant support that made us say, Uttarayan, #AavaDe.

It’s a new year, a new season - and we’re kicked to say that we will be with you all more often, especially during the season! 

Before we sign off, we wanted to share a special reminder for you for your immense loyalty and support GT Rewards (hope you’ve started collecting your GT Points already on our app!). 


In case, we haven’t already told you this - You’re not just a fan, you’re our fam - TitansFAM!

We cannot wait to see you again. With you, it is never goodbye. 

With love and gratitude,
Gujarat Titans!