Garba With GT, a two-day celebration of Navratri with our fans in Ahmedabad saw a massive turnout at YMCA Club and Karnavati Club

What connects Gujarat Titans, Titans FAM and the festival of Navratri?

All of the above stand for high-octane energy, loudest cheers and the biggest celebrations. And when we talk about the biggest celebrations, we can’t miss the centrepiece of Gujarat’s cultural calendar — Navratri, the nine-day festival celebrating the victory of good over evil is no less than a vibrant extravaganza. 

This year, we decided to spend a couple of Navratri nights filled with dandiya and garba with our Titans FAM at home. Our wish culminated in Garba with GT, as we announced a giveaway of dandiya passes (50 for Karnavati Club and 100 for YMCA Club) on our Titans FAM app. Our fans redeemed them all using the GT Points, and showed up in great numbers, as we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout on October 21 and 22. 

Both events were graced by a sea of revelers — 20,000 at YMCA Club and 15,000 in Karnavati Club. We almost had happy tears as we witnessed tens of thousands of people breaking into garba to the beats of our Anthem.

Fans participated in fun challenges and quizzes to test their GT quotient. Since fitness is at the heart of our franchise, we also hosted balancing acts and push-up competitions. Fans left our booth happy with prizes like sippers, coasters, key chains, mugs, mini bats and jerseys. By the end of the two-day event, we gave away close to 2500 merch including instant photographs at our photobooth. 

As we headed back in the wee hours of the 23rd, we may have been a tad bit sore from all the garba and dandiya, but our hearts were full of gratitude and warmest memories.

While we don’t want to belittle the Titans FAM by thanking them for showing up in such great numbers, we’d like to sign off by simply saying, more support and celebrations, #AavaDe!

We are because you are with us on every step of our journey!

Can’t wait for another occasion to celebrate together…