Kem Cho, TitansFAM?

We had a glorious time in Ahmedabad with all of you, flying the colorful kites and creating a mesmerizing tapestry of joy and excitement.

It was splendid to see the GT spirit soar to new heights at the International Kite Festival over the weekend – January 13 and 14. The festival, which took place at the sprawling Sabarmati Riverfront, drew fans of all ages who came together to celebrate the unique fusion of sportsmanship, culture and tradition. The weekend unfolded against the backdrop of clear blue skies, with the GT’s special kite dotting the horizon, among thousands of others.

Our hearts are brimming with gratitude to have recorded a total footfall of over 1.5 lakh. 

The GT booth was buzzing through the weekend with quizzes and interactive challenges, where we met and engaged with over 10,000 from the Titans FAM. 

On Day 2 (January 14), we headed to the bustling neighborhood in the Old City of Ahmedabad to experience the local flavor of the festival while flying the kites from the terraces of the buildings. Hopping from one terrace to another added an extra layer of excitement to the non-stop Uttarayan extravaganza with the fans. 

Here, more than 1000 GT kites took flight and painted the clear skies into hues of GT blue. 

As we head back after the festive weekend,  we are confident that the echoes of laughter and the vibrant colors will linger in the hearts of everyone who turned up, creating lasting memories of a truly spectacular day in our home city.

One more time, chant after us, Chalo Chhooyein Aasma, #AavaDe!