Dear Titans Fam,
How are you feeling? Oh, we know you’re pumped for the season that’s just around the corner, but we mean to address your day-to-day daily grind. Of course, there’s the usual wear and tear that comes from injuries, sedentary lifestyles and other facts, but really we’re just checking in to ask… how’s your health?

We know it's a challenge to keep up with the daily demands of your busy and stressful jobs and overall lifestyle. Yet you still manage to take time out to root for us. Now it's our turn to cheer you on and help you achieve those health goals you’ve always wanted to get around to.

You may not have enough time or motivation to exercise regularly. So, we has created a new program called 'Race with the Titans' that’s just for you. Welcome to a Virtual Race that will get you moving more, feeling better and having fun with us (with us being the key words!)

Your incentive for better health? Simple! You get to win awesome GT prizes and…drumroll please… perhaps even meet your favourite players in person! There’s player-signed merchandise, fun GT accessories, and we’re throwing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see a match in our home ground!

All this if you stick to your health goals and ace our upcoming challenges!

Race with the Titans starts on 15th March. And we’re prepping you for the main race with a few preparatory contests and challenges right away! Just aim for 10K steps a day with small changes in your daily habits. You don’t need a gym or a trainer. Just walk, jog, run or dance your way to better health with us — we’ll set the route, you just need to follow and check in with us on the Titans Fam app – look for Race with The Titans on the menu.

The name of the game is consistency. Staying active everyday can be hard, but we’re here to push you all the way every day.

Sign up now and get started by simply clicking here. Don’t wait any longer!

We're super excited about this program and we hope you are too. Let's make our Titans Fam healthier and happier together.

Wellness, health, steps, sab Aava De!