Building on the resounding success of the 2023 "Race with the Titans" and "The She Run," the Gujarat Titans have unveiled the much-anticipated "Race with the Titans 2.0 powered by Stepathlon" this year for their fan base.

Race with the Titans 2.0 powered by Stepathlon" promises to feature new levels and gratifications for heightened engagement by going beyond just a virtual race, transforming it into a fitness journey guided by the experts. Inspired by the phenomenal response to the previous editions, with over 200,000 registrations for "Race with the Titans" and 8,000 new sign-ups for "The She Run," the 2024 edition aims to attract millions of fans worldwide. The new version will highlight building a stronger community by encouraging participants and aiming to grow the Titans' fan base. Fans will be motivated to explore a 'Virtual Racecourse' by taking real-life steps and joining in different activities. 

Commenting on this, Col. Arvinder Singh, Gujarat Titans COO  said, “Building on the success of last year’s Race with the Titans, this year we are striving to give our fans more incentives to be part of this fitness journey. Race with the Titans 2.0 has been made more engaging, interactive, and compelling to ensure an enhanced experience for our fans. We are building a fitness community that goes beyond a simple event and promotes a positive, health-conscious atmosphere. We aim to create a community that recognizes the importance of fitness.”

Ravi Krishnan, Founder & CEO of Stepathlon added, “Gujarat Titans continue to make a difference on and off the field, and we’re delighted to take our partnership to the next level with Race with the Titans 2.0 powered by Stepathlon. We believe this will continue to promote a culture of fitness among the fans and community. We aim to create an even bigger impact this time and encourage Gujarat Titans fans across the globe to unite for this unique experience.”

Fans will be able to register for the challenge starting March 1st, 2024. This challenge can be accessed through the Titans FAM App and the franchise's social media platforms, enabling participants to register and monitor their progress. The participants will stand a chance to win exciting prizes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

About Stepathlon

Stepathlon is a unique health and wellness platform and program that uses a ‘Sports Marketing approach to Wellness’ focusing on activation and engagement, both indoor and outdoor, across three key pillars of wellbeing – Movement, Nutrition and Mental Health. Stepathlon creates a platform that motivates participants to race through ‘Virtual World’ where real life steps and movement (Walking, Running, Yoga, Dance, Swimming, Cycling, Sports and other activities) are combined with gamification (Virtual Race Course), healthy competition and active engagement (Contests, Challenges and Events). 

The multi-day ‘Virtual Race’ connects users to the brands for an extended timeframe that goes beyond the ‘peak engagement period’ solidifying the relationship between the user, brand and fan community.  It also provides a unique opportunity and environment in which to collect relevant First-Party Data to help businesses and stakeholders to better understand their audience/community and enabling them to bring positive and lasting changes to the fitness habits of their fans and to drive commercial outcomes for all stakeholders.

Stepathlon was established in 2012 as a wellness solution for corporate clients. Its original mission was to engage employees of corporates, members of communities, institutions etc. via a platform that effectively blends wellness, mass/ social participation and ‘active’ engagement. Moving into B2C via Fan and Community Engagement gives Stepathlon the potential for exponential scale and impact.

About Gujarat Titans

Gujarat Titans, nicknamed the Titans, is a professional franchise cricket team based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The team competes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Gujarat Titans were one of two new teams added to the IPL for the 2022 season. 

Gujarat Titans made history during the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 by clinching the title in their first season and were runners-up during the 2023 season. The team pays tribute to the state’s rich cricketing legacy – one that has groomed numerous international players over the years, who have represented India, with great distinction. 

The core of the team is rooted in the rich heritage the state is popularly built on. The team reflects the belief that Gujarat is not only rich in cricket history but also is represented by its very people who with their humble beginnings have created the right landmarks at every level over time.